Coin Master Free Spins & Coin Links, Tips, Tricks Of 2021

There are many ways to get coin master free spins like that inviting Facebook friends, joining events, completing cards sets but all these methods are required some time for rid out of these problems we have come with daily free spin & coins reward links, all links are collected from verified social media handles which by owned moon active

Moonactive is coin master game’s parent company, they daily share information about coin master events & coin master free spins links they share most time on Facebook and Twitter we just collect these links and provide them to you here so you don’t need to scroll social media daily, just for spins, which improve your gaming and you will unlock more villages faster with more raids

We have seen many people looking for 1000, 70, 400, even 50,000 free spins for a day which is a not possible coin master give you daily only 5 to 50 spins and maxim free 2 million coins

So, enough introduction click on the below-given button to land on coin master free spins links page

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Coin Master Tips & Tricks

There are also many other ways to get more free spins without daily links, so here we going There are also many other ways to get more free spins without using daily links, so here we will reveal the method, so let's get started.

Reward Calendar

A reward calendar is an event where you must play Coin Master daily. Most reward calendars last for seven days. After continuously playing the game for seven days, you are rewarded with 500+ spins and up to 100 million coins with free pet food at the end of the week. You get the next reward every day you play, but you have to start at the beginning if you miss one.

That's unfortunate because the seventh prize is the most valuable. There are also rewards in the timeline, in addition to the daily rewards from the rewards calendar. Every time you enter the app, you will be rewarded. It is not a problem if you miss a day. When you open the app the next day, it’ll reward you.

As a result, you will earn your first prize of coins and spins on the eighth day after you launch the app. On day 15, you will receive another gift of coins and spins, and on day 22, another gift of coins and spins.

On day 30, you get your last gift—a mysterious chest o. You will find a lot of spins, money, XP, and, of course, some fantastic cards in this chest.

Spins Wheel

There are two types of spin wheels in Coin Master: free and paid. In the free spin wheel, you can get up to 500k to 7.5m coins. Friends can send you up to 100 Coin Master free spins per day, but you'll need 100 active friends who are ready to offer you a present each day to achieve that level.

A single free spin is included in each gift. Then, after using the free spin wheel, the Coin Master offers you a premium spin wheel that costs around 2 to 5 USD for America and 2 to 3 EUR for the UK, Spain, and India.

You can get up to 5M to 250M coins in the premium wheel. Besides, surprisingly, you can get a lot of Coin Master free spins just by spinning. You'll get a bunch of free spins if you get three spin energy icons in a row. You can spin for a long time if you build a chain of them.

Free Gifts

You can send and send gifts to your Facebook friends. These spins are not deducted from your spins, so don't worry; send unlimited free spins. Also, invite new friends to play Coin Master and get an extra 75 spins.

FB Card trading Group

is a FB group officially owned by Coin Master where you can chat and trade your trades, which helps you complete your card sets faster. I have seen many people giving impossible to get cards, which 99% of the time you only get in the magical chest. So join the group ASAP and post your card sets.

Super Bet

Super Bet is a Coin Master feature that improves the game experience by increasing rewards. The bigger a player's bet may be, the more Spins they have in their inventory. Rewards obtained through actions are multiplied by bets, but not those won from special events.

Raids and Attacks are multiplied once the action is completed, and the quantities displayed at the top of the Spinner are already multiplied. From lowest to highest, the Bet button cycles through all available bets.

This is the most exciting part of the game, where the Coin Master randomly gives the player a chance to play a super bet, where you can bet up to x100, so just one match spin on the slot machine will provide you with 1000+ spins. So now, the main question is how to get a super bet, and the answer is don't play Coin Master for 30 days. There's a 90% chance you'll get a super bet, but it's not a good idea

Complete Village

Completing villages does not give you more than 25 spins and a wooden chest, so you're better off saving your coins for the village master event for extra spins. Also, make sure to protect your village with shields. If someone attacks your village, they will steal all the coins. You'll get free spins every time you level up your village.

It's not simple, though, because buying new buildings and improving them costs a lot of gold, and you have to buy every single one of them, including renovations, to level up. That's already going to cost a lot of spins.

Invite Friends

You'll gain 40 Coin Master free spins for each friend who successfully joins Coin Master through Facebook. They don't even have to play the game to win the free spins; all they have to do is download it and log in with their Facebook account. Of course, playing it is to your mutual benefit, which takes us to our next point

Events For Free Spins

while watching the slot machine. Any virtual buttons visible beneath the menu are events. You may learn more about each event by tapping on it.

advantage of these opportunities, you'll be able to get a lot more Coin Master free spins than usual.

Continue reading to learn about all of the events available to you.

  • Attack Madness

Each attack on an opponent, Viking Village, will help you win rewards during this event. As you continue, you'll be required to execute more challenging activities to win even better rewards.

  • Balloons Frenzy

You can earn rewards by popping balloons that pass through your village during the balloon frenzy event.

  • Bet Blast

During the bet explosion event, place bigger bets, raid with friends, take on your adversaries, and receive bigger rewards.

  • Cards Boom

Every chest rewards players with 50% more cards during the cards boom event. The wooden chest has three cards, the golden chest contains six, and the magical chest includes twelve.

  • Coin Craze

During the coin craze event, your coins will be multiplied by a factor of two, and your spin button will turn gold. Play as much as possible to increase your currency totals through spins, raids, and attacks.

  • Cards for Chests

get spins, pet goodies, pet XP, and cards, trade duplicate cards for chests. It's worth mentioning that card swaps will not reduce your game stars throughout the event.

  • Gift Master

When you buy coins or spin packs with the gift icon, you'll get some extra goodies. Chests, cash, pet food, pet XP, and spins are all possible rewards.

  • Gold Card Trade

By trading two gold cards that appear in a pop-up, you can complete your card collections.

  • Raid Madness

Each raid on an opposing Viking Village will help you gain rewards during this event. As you continue, you'll be required to complete more challenging activities to win even better rewards.

  • Sea of Fortune

Go out to sea, but beware of hungry octopuses. Each island you visit will give you the option of selecting one of four boxes, three of which hold a gift and one of which contains an octopus who isn't fooling around.

  • Set Blast

You can receive rewards by completing sets during this event.

  • Tournament

This multiplayer game throws you and your mates against one another to see the true Coin Master.

  • Tournament Milestone

Ascend the leader board to the top and win rewards along the way. Coins, gold cards, pet XP, pet snacks, and spins are among the items available.

  • Viking Quest

To win rewards, spin Viking slots with your coins rather than spins. You'll have ten missions to undertake.

  • Village Mania

You get discounts that help you build up your community during the village craze.